AIJRE Vol 25, No 1 (2015)

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Journal Papers

  • Recruiting and retaining teachers in rural schools in South Africa: Insights from a rural teaching experience programme
    Alfred Masinire 2-14
  • Influencing pre-service teachers’ intentions to teach in rural locations
    Henriette van Rensburg, Karen Noble, Peter McIlveen 15-24
  • From little things big things grow: Enhancing literacy learning for secondary students in rural and regional Australia
    Deidre Clary, Susan Feez, Amanda Garvey, Rebecca Partridge 25-37
  • International aid and education reform and the paradox of implementation: Case study of the Philippines
    Vicente Reyes 38-51
  • Creative use of digital technologies: Keeping the best and brightest in the bush
    Barbara Bannister, Linley Cornish, Michelle Bannister-Tyrrell, Sue Gregory 52-65
  • Bringing people together while learning apart: Creating online learning environments to support the needs of rural and remote students
    Mitchell Parkes, Sue Gregory, Peter Fletcher, Rachael Adlington, Nicolas Gromit 66-78

ISSN: 1036-0026