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SPERA is involved in the following range of activities:

  1. the organisation and conduct of an annual national conference;
  2. the production and distribution of the journal, the Australian & International Journal of Rural Education;
  3. provision of advice on rural education and training matters to Federal and State government departments.
  4. Production of submissions to various government departments and other organisations which are conducting enquiries into the provision of education and training in rural Australia;
  5. Membership of local, state and federal RRR committees; and
  6. Coordination and sponsorship of the annual Australian Rural Education Awards.

Sources of Funds

SPERA receives funds from:

  1. annual subscriptions of members;
  2. copyright of Australian & International Journal of Rural Education;
  3. donations and sponsorship;
  4. profit generated from the annual conference.

Application of Funds

SPERA uses its funds for the:

  1. production of SPERA newsletters and reports;
  2. organisation of the annual national conference;
  3. production of the journal, Australian & International Journal of Rural Education;
  4. publicity for the SPERA organisation;
  5. administrative functions of SPERA;
  6. publications on rural education;
  7. sponsorship of the Australian Rural Education Awards; and
  8. pre-service teacher education sponsorships.