AIJRE Vol 25, No 2 (2015)

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Journal Papers

  • Learner agency and assessment for learning in a regional New Zealand high school
    Jennifer Charteris 2-13
  • Preparing pre-service teachers for rural appointments
    Kathy Jenkins, Linley Cornish 14-27
  • Learning opportunities in the ‘Golden Years’ in a regional city
    Bronwyn Ellis 28-43
  • Comparing rural and urban education contexts for GLBTIQ students
    Tiffany Jones 44-55
  • A partnership aimed at improving Health and Physical Education at a rural school: Impacts on pupils, university students, teachers and academics.
    Judith Miller, John Haynes, Jim Pennington 56-72
  • Using virtual worlds in rural and regional educational institutions
    Sue Gregory, Lisa Jacka, Mathew Hillier, Scott Grant 73-90
  • Improving mathematics and science education in rural Australia: A practice report
    Robert Whannell, Steve Tobias 91-99

ISSN: 1036-0026

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