2nd International Symposium (ISFIRE) 2011

New Directions for Educational Welfare in Rural Schools

  • The Second International Symposium for Innovation in Rural Education (ISFIRE2)
  • 2011 Korea-Japan Society of Educational Administration Symposium (KJSEAS 2011)

ISFIRE2 and KJSEAS will be an international forum for sharing research findings, innovative ideas and evaluative approaches linked to positive and practical action.

The Symposium will have a particular focus on using research to influence policy aimed at delivering socially just outcomes for rural students and communities. The Symposium is organised around nine themes. Papers are encouraged that address issues, and present innovative solutions, within these themes.

  • Improving Students’ Academic Achievement
  • Enhancing Curriculum and Instruction
  • Promoting Counseling and Career Guidance
  • Responding to Special Education Needs • Nurturing Teacher Welfare
  • Fostering Teacher Collaboration
  • Broadening Cultural Experience
  • Expanding Services such as Health, Transportation, and Food • Embracing Parent and Community Participation

2011 Korea-Japan Society of Educational Administration Symposium

Date: 9 – 11 February 2011

Venue: Kongju National University Kongju, Korea

Download the ISFIRE Program 2011.pdf