Wuyagiba Study Hub

Run by the Wuyagiba Bush Hub Aboriginal Corporation (WBHAC) in partnership with Macquarie University (in-kind support), Wuyagiba Study Hub (WSH) aims to provide Indigenous people from remote communities of Arnhem Land with the opportunity to access tertiary education and employment on-Country in a culturally supportive environment. We have developed two unique Micro-credentials with Macquarie University that celebrate two-ways learning by interweaving Academic and Cultural units. The cultural units were developed and are taught by local Aboriginal Elders and knowledge holders. Since 2018, over 100 students have attended the Study Hub which has also created a pathway to Macquarie University for 23 students.

This program is Closing the Gap in Indigenous Higher Education in this region and has been cited regularly in Australian Government reports on ‘Closing the Gap’ and Indigenous education. In 2023 the first University graduate in south east Arnhem Land since the mid-1980’s will come out of this program, hopefully followed by many more. Furthermore, WBHAC employs over 50 Indigenous people from Wuyagiba and surrounding communities in teaching, management, administration and operations roles, many of who were previously unemployed. Our staff and students are of all ages, ranging from 18 to 75, and all identify as Aboriginal.

Now in its 5th year of operation, the program continues to grow both as an educational institution and a successful business that supports Indigenous people, employment and community development in remote Arnhem Land.

Category Winner 2022: Regional, Remote, Rural Partnership Award