SPERA Annual General Meeting 2015 Minutes

SPERA Annual General Meeting 2015 was held at Deakin University Geelong, Waterfront Campus on Thursday 5th November 2015.

The following were nominated and accepted for Executive.

  • Don Boyd
  • John Borserio
  • Louisa Bowman
  • Philip Roberts
  • Dorothy Donovan
  • Paula Jervis-Tracey
  • Jodie Kline
  • Sue Ledger
  • Louise Martin
  • Brian O’Neill
  • Sue Trinidad
  • Charles Bradley – Public Officer

Following the AGM a special Executive meeting was held on Friday 3 October where the following were nominated and appointed:

  • Brian O’Neill – President
  • Sue Ledger – Vice President
  • Louisa Bowman – Treasurer

Minutes from the AGM are available as a PDF file: Unconfirmed Minutes_SPERA AGM_05 November 2015 Package (179Kb)