Education in Rural Australia Vol 18, No 1 (2008)


Table of Contents


Feature Articles

  • Using Web2.0 Applications to Close The Digital Divide In Western Australia – Sue Trinidad and Tania Broadley
  • Kindergarten Transition in a Small Rural School: From Planning to Implementation – Amy Macdonald
  • Bringing Professional Experience to the Rural University Classroom Through Community Play Sessions: Experiences of Pre­Service Teachers and Families – Laura Mcfarland and Alison Lord
  • An Exploration of Issues in the Attraction and Retention of Teachers to Non­ Metropolitan Schools in Western Australia – Sandra Frid, Melanie Smith, Len Sparrow and Sue Trinidad
  • Australian Rural Education Award
  • 2007 Australian Rural Education Award Winner
  • Australian Rural Education Award – Talbingo Public School Clean Energy Park
  • Book Reviews
  • SPERA Information
  • Membership Form
  • S.P.E.R.A. Order Form: Conference Proceedings
  • Education in Rural Australia
  • Guide to Contributors
  • Correspondence Address for Contributions

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