Education in Rural Australia Vol 17, No 2 (2007)

Journal Cover Volume 17

Table of Contents

Feature Articles

  • Chasms in Students Achievement: exploring the rural­ metropolitan divide – Debra Panizzon and John Pegg
  • Life is Good for Babies: the pedagogical and management decisions enabling a teacher to be employed in rural infant ­toddler program – Lynda Ireland
  • Student perceptions of teacher­ student interpersonal behaviour and cultural factors of learning environment in metropolitan and country schools – Bruce G. Waldrip and Darrell L. Fischer
  • Academic Partnerships at a Regional University Campus: a fresh look at faculty mentoring – Joy Penman and Kerre Willsher
  • Voices from the Field Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, grandparents and community members: welcome to the Wowan Strate Primary School Theatre Restaurant! – Beryl Exley
  • Working Together for Children: strengthening transition pathways – Louise Collie, Felicity Willis, Crystal Paine and Corina Windsor

(ISSN 1036­0026)