Future Leaders Program

Teach for Australia’s Future Leaders Program (FLP) is a one-year professional development program supporting educators working in RRR schools to develop their leadership skills and capabilities.

Whilst acknowledging the unique challenges leaders in RRR schools face, FLP recognises and celebrates the strength and resilience of these communities and the valuable insights they offer to the education system as a whole.

FLP aims to address three core objectives to increase the:

– Quality of school leadership training and development in RRR schools.

– Aspirations among high-achieving educators in RRR schools to become school leaders.

– Supply of educators with high-quality leadership skills who can fill available leadership positions.

FLP supports RRR communities across Australia by developing the next generation of school leaders, improving access to high-quality teaching and learning for all students, and incorporating two world learning approach*.

Participants experience targeted workshops, a peer network, and the support of an experienced leadership coach – all targeted to help drive positive student outcomes.

Already, FLP is equipping RRR educators with the knowledge and confidence to move into school leadership roles within their school or community, with nearly 40% of the first cohort being promoted to a position of leadership or higher responsibility since commencing the program.

*In line with the First Nations principle of reciprocity, we attribute and express gratitude for the knowledge shared by Jean McMahon, TFA’s First Nations Cultural Advisor and FLP team member, to bring this knowledge to the Future Leaders Program and its participants.


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