Associate Professor Hernan Cuervo

Associate Professor Hernan Cuervo is an internationally recognised expert on Australian rural education and a distinguished leader in the field. Throughout his 20-year research career, he has shown tireless commitment to better understanding rural education. He has done so in 50 academic publications and 45 public addresses.

Hernan has achieved a unique combination of theoretical innovation, methodological rigour and social impact. His distinguished ability to centre social justice in rural education has helped break conceptual ground in the field. His development of a plural notion of justice moving the agenda from resource distribution to respect for rural education and lives has been internationally celebrated. Methodologically, Hernan skilfully uses a broad variety of methods, ranging from large-scale longitudinal analyses to innovative participatory projects (e.g. photovoice). Hernan has achieved social impact by championing the cause of rural education with governments, media and community organisations.

Hernan’s unique ability to amplify the voices of rural educators and students through research, his acute sense of education’s place in rural life, and his indefatigable efforts to think about the future of rural communities, make him the ideal nominee for this Award.

Winner 2022 Category: Research Excellence Award