Innovation Watch

Innovation Watch is a national network of regional Australians that have come together to share ideas about successful community-led development.

It is a platform to exchange ideas and learn from the experiences of others about what works in regional development. Discussions focus on practical initiatives that are driven by the local community.

Regional Australia is innovative and thriving. Much of this innovation is driven from within by locals who are passionate about the area, understand the opportunities and can mobilise the wider community. By sharing real success stories we hope to inspire other communities to implement locally-led initiatives in their area.

Join us as we celebrate the success our regional communities have achieved and promote a positive image of regional Australia.


We are also looking for supporters to help us find different community-led initiatives. If you are passionate about helping regional Australia grow and want to help spread the message, become an iWatcher. Contact us to find out how you can be involved.


The Regional Australia Institute is showcasing local initiatives helping to attract new people to regional Australia. Share your story and get involved in the #makethemove Innovation Watch beta campaign.

Innovation Watch