November 2012 Newsletter

Welcome all to SPERA’s November 2012 newsletter.

In particular I would like to note that Dr Karen Noble (University of Southern Queensland) is now the elected President of SPERA. Karen has included a welcome message for members.

Highlights include:

  • From the President: Welcome Message
  • SPERA Annual Report 2012
  • ISFIRE 2013 (note dates to 13-15 February 2013)
  • Conference 2012 Photographs
  • Pre-Service educator Winners and Conference Reports
  • AREA Award winner 2012 – Kingston primary School
  • Dr G Otereo and Prof J Halsey – workshop
  • SPERA Executive – overview
  • SPERA Executive – contacts and portfolios
  • Application for Membership 2013

Once again thank you to the editorial team lead by Michael Preece.

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