South Australian Rural Students Take to the Skies

Written by Bronwyn Ellis, University of South Australia

A small independent school in Port Pirie offers an exciting program that attracts students from many other schools.

The Mid-North Christian College, a non-denominational, co-educational, F-12 school of 260 students gives senior students the choice of Aviation Studies.

The program is available to any student who has a desire to enter the aviation industry. The Aviation Studies program provides a course of study to facilitate students to gain an insight into the aviation industry.

Aviation is an industry short on applicants because it is demanding. However, it offers a variety of opportunities. Some students may want to be challenged working at a high level of competency, while others may want to be a recreational pilot or may see this as the start of a career in aviation. The program caters for both avenues of entry into the world of aviation by providing experiences in both pilot training and engineering.

The course is conducted over two years with students completing 40 SACE credits in Years 10 and 11. Students attend one week per term (4 visits per year) of intensive learning, thereby accumulating the necessary hours of study for 20 SACE credits per year.

The pilot training is offered in recreational Aviation. The Engineering component is based on National Training Modules, giving students a good grounding in the type of work the Aviation Industry would demand. The skills gained carry over into many other trades because of the high levels required by the Aviation Industry.

The Mid-North Christian College obtains generous financial support from the Sir Ross and Sir Keith Smith Fund to assist with the costs of accommodation, pilot training time, engineering equipment and materials.