SPERA Conference Proceedings 2000

Dawning of Opportunity

Luke Baills, Sherrin Bell, Bridget Greensill and Louise Willcox
Bridging the gap between beginning teachers and isolated/rural communities

Betty Baram
Workshop: Convergence of distance education and mainstream schooling – increasing opportunities for rural and isolated learners

Marg Beagley
Flexible delivery: initiatives and innovation

Hedley Beare
‘Now, Year Ones, this is your life!’ Preparing the present generation of students for a world of shrinking distances

Don Boyd
Experimenting with the development of electronic course materials

Colin R Boylan and Andrew R Wallace
An analysis of classroom interaction patterns in satellite delivered letters

Charles Bradley
The glass is only half full – a political discussion of issues in secondary distance education in rural New South Wales

Kathy Broadley and Keith Greaney
Providing Reading Support for Young Children in Rural Schools: The Case of Reading Recovery

Guy Broadley
Student Teacher Supervision by Telephone

Jim Buzacott
Teaching Reading from a Distance

Ashley Burnett
Supporting student learning through flexible delivery in distance education

Bruce Cifuentes
A Smart School for a Smart State: Brisbane SDE Cyberschool Initiatives

Jen Coad, Tom Croft, Sue Rose and Liz Nowack
Katherine School of the Air: The School of Opportunity

John Delany and Derek Wenmoth
Empowering an Indigenous Rural Community: Local Teachers for Local Schools

Kate Dibben
Sharing innovative projects – what is out there?

Chris Dolan
Roads Merge Ahead: Bringing Together Pedagogy and Technology in Distance Education

David Driver
Flexible Delivery of Mathematics

Annette Green
Abstract: School students’ learning from their paid and unpaid work

Steven Harrison
Investing in Our Rural Future – The Dover District High School Story

Irene Ioannakis
Adopt A School/Adopt A Mine Site. A School-Industry Partnership Case Study Kanowna Belle Gold Mines Ltd and Churchlands Senior High School

Susan Johns, Sue Kilpatrick, Ian Falk and Bill Mulford
Leadership from Within: Rural community revitalisation and the school-community partnership

Murray Lake
Country Roads: Pathways to Better Education and Training for Rural and Remote Western Australian 2000-2003

Rosa Lincoln
Workshop: Rural Teaching Liaison Officer – Partnerships at Work

Enver Malkic
Developing Partnerships with Rural Schools

Timothy Moes
The Winston Churchill Memorial Trust of Australia: Concise Report

Kathryn Moyle
Dawning of Opportunity: Identifying government initiatives that promote using information and communication technologies in distance education

Catherine O’Sullivan
The School at the Centre of the Community: Goondiwindi State High School Vocational Education & Training through Enterprise Partnerships

Warren Parkinson, Anne Sutton and Vicki Carr
Flexible Delivery to cater for the educational needs of indigenous students: Brisbane School of Distance Education Alternate Education Model

Glen Postle
Professional Development Online: Some Preliminary Comments

Karen L Reithmuller
The Magic of Telephone Teaching

Robin Roberts and Robyn Roberts
Learning support for literacy: resource units

Col Sutcliffe
Rural schools and their communities

Grant Wheatley, Joneen Edwards and Sonja Kenny
Collaborative Problem Solving Team