SPERA Conference Proceedings 2001

Providing Quality Education and Training for Rural Australians


Paul Herschell
Why aligning curriculum and assessment in new times is ultimately a pedagogy question

Mike Frost
VET in rural schools.

Faith Trent
Aliens in the classroom?


Kennece Coombe and Joy Lubawy
Learning partnerships in rural early childhood settings

Roger Edmonds
Cut your teeth on online collaborative projects

Bronwyn Ellis, Nancy Cooper and Janet Sawyer
Bridging studies: An alternative pathway to university for rural Australians

Robyn Eversole
Regional university access: A case study from the south west

Annette Green and Erica Smith
A foot in both camps: School students and workplaces

Annette Green and Colin Boylan
Vocational education: Voices from the field

Tania Hockley and Brian Hemmings
A rural-based teacher education internship: Stressors and coping mechanisms

TW Maxwell, Jo-Anne Reid, Catherine McLoughlin, CatherineClarke and Ruth Nicholls
Online support for action research in a teacher education internship in rural Australia

Judith Wooller and Lesley Warner
An innovative flexible program for rural women


April M. Bender
Connecting the dots in the service constellation of the rural universe: An overview

Judith Duff
Learning adventures in the Gascoyne – A journey in motivating and engaging indigenous children.

Stephanie Gadeke
Using a collaborative model to improve outcomes for students at educational risk in Port Hedland School of the Air

Lyn Gorman
Online teaching and resources: The New HSC Online Project 2001

Tamara Jones
An initial exploration into a time of change: Teacher perceptions of their profession in the new millennium

Sheila King, Felicity Masson, Louise Pritchardand Sherrin Bell
Swings and roundabouts: A panel presentation on the preparation of pre-service teachers for rural schools

Sheila King
The next chapter

Rosa Lincoln
Encouraging quality student teachers to teach in rural Western Australia

Jan Martin
School governance in rural communities – The role of the Board of Trustees chairperson in small New Zealand schools

John McMillan and Harry Jones
Rotor streaming media software

David McSwan, Emma Clinch and Ron Store
Otitis media, learning and community

Don Squires
Quality VET provision in rural schools

RJ [Gus] Wenzel
VET: This is how we do it in Burra

Russell Yates
Small schools face the challenge – A case study of a group of small rural schools in New Zealand

Russell Yates
Right in your own backyard – A description of flexible learning applied to primary teacher education