SPERA Conference Proceedings 2003

Global Focus – Local Partnerships


John M Bryden
Some links between economic and social changes in rural areas and the need for reform in rural education

Jack Shelton
Consequential Learning


Pam Bartholomaeus
Rural ABCs and Genres? Learning literacy in a rural school

Colin Boylan & Andrew Wallace
Curriculum organisation in a rural secondary school

Rachael Cornius-Randall & Colin Boylan
Creating and managing a caring environment:Pastoral care in action

Roger Edmonds
The SIASOTA Project: The Making Of A ‘Live’ Online Learning Community

Bronwyn Ellis & Joy Penman
From the margins to the centre: regional international education partnerships

Lyn Gorman & Bob Dengate
NSW HSC Online: A Successful Educational Partnership

Brian Hemmings & Doug Hill
A promising strategy for service delivery in rural Australia

Sue Kilpatrick, Joan Abbott-Chapman, John Williamson & Helen Bound
Identifying the characteristics of rural learning communities: implications for rural development

Jan Millwater
Captivation and perspiration: one university’s efforts to inspire city teacher education students to go rural and remote

Joy Penman, Mary Oliver & John Petkov
Where are our graduates? A retrospective study of decisions made on employment location by nursing graduates

Andrew R. Wallace, Rachael Cornius-Randall, Colin Boylan & John Brew-Bevan
Partnerships in the review of curriculum in a small rural secondary school

Des Wilsmore & David H. McKinnon
Professional development of teachers and the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) as a learning tool in rural schools


Adele Bradley & Kerry Weigand, presented by Juanita Healy
Progress and Challenges: A report on progress the Schools of Isolated and Distance Education (SIDE) WA has made with online learning

Chris Dolan & Ian McEgan
Effective Community Consultation in Distance Education Institutions:A Working Model

Sheila King
Progress and Challenges: A report on progress the Schools of Isolated and Distance Education (SIDE) WA has made with online learning

Jan Martin & Darryn Gray
Raising student achievement in rural schools – some New Zealand initiatives

Denese Playford, Tony Lower, Amanda Lines & Ann Larson
Effect of Allied Health Rural Placement Programme on Graduate Uptake of Employment in Rural WA

Russell Yates
It’s Good For Me, Too! Partners In Professional Development

Van Davy & Kate English
Changing the Pedagogy in Distance Education – Essential Criteria, Technologies and Professional Development