SPERA Conference Proceedings 2002

Country Class

Pam Bartholomaeus
Rural education and rural communities: Gifts for our Young People

Colin R Boylan and Andrew R Wallace
Beyond the Line: Promoting Country Schools

Gail Dobbin
From College to Cowshed: Beginning teachers in rural schools

Bronwyn Ellis, Janet Sawyer, Maureen Dollard and Dianne Boxall
Working as rural academics

Sharman Glover-Milne
From Big Sky Country USA to the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Glenice Hancock
Flying High in Rural Education: Educating Students in the 21st Century

Steve Hicks
Help Yourself

Harry Moate
Industrotech: School/Industry Link. An initiative of Jamestown Community School

Michael O’Meara
Youth at the centre

Peter Kenyon
Real Enterprises:An Overview

Janet Sawyer, Pam Zubrinich and John Carter
Partners in Education: The Whyalla model.

Geoff Annear and Jim Low
Redefining Directions of 6 School Cluster