SPERA Conference Proceedings 2005

Our Stories: Innovation and Excellence in Rural Education


Steven Arndt
Creating Collaborative Communities – The Regional South Australian Experience

Michael Christie
Local versus global knowledges: Resolving a fundamental dilemma in ‘Remote Education (Refereed).

Peter Kenyon
C.R.E.A.T.E. – Creating Rural Entrepreneurial Attitudes through Education

Tony Richards
IDL – Interactive Distance Learning in the Northern Territory


Colin R Boylan
Designing a course in rural education

Bronwyn Ellis, Digby Wilson & Janet Sawyer
Summer school at a regional university campus: just completing a course, or a rich learning experience

Ted Munsch and Colin R Boylan
Remote rural practice teaching

Joy Penman
Creative teaching solutions in difficult remote practice realities

Richard Pickersgill
Local Matters:Regions, Innovation and Vocational Education and Training in the Australian context

Peter Rushbrook, Louis Pilotto, Sandy Reid, Geraldine Duncan, Graeme Richardson, Peter Vine, Peter Reed and Helena Johnston
Bringing doctors to the bush: celebrating innovation and excellence in medical education at the University of New South Wales’ School of Rural Health


Neville Barnard
Diamonds form under pressure: educational evolution & revolution on the West Coast of Tasmania

Don Boyd and Emmy Terry
Bringing Educational Change across the Pilbara

Kerry Boyd
Aboriginal focus in new courses for students in the senior years of schooling course

Hernan Cuervo
Rural Schools: Argentina and Australia

Darryn Gray and Kevin O’Hara
Raising student achievement in rural schools – A school adviser’s perspective

John Halsey
Rural Teacher Education Forum mapping of pre-service country teaching programs

Craig Holland and Rosa Lincoln
The Pilbara Education District of Western Australia

Lyn Hollow
Digital Reporting in the Bush

Liz Kelly
Innovations in VET programs

Rosa Lincoln and Sue Knight
Aboriginal Literacy Strategy

Enver Malkic
Innovation with Centra Symposium: A local delivery perspective

Alan Power
Interagency Support Networking for Mental Health

Phil Roberts and Dorothy Lean
What does a successful staffing system for rural, remote and isolated schools look like?

Rebecca Tims
Teacher Orientation Package

Jenna Towers