SPERA Conference Proceedings 2006

Community, Diversity and Innovation in Rural and Remote Education and Training


Angela Cooke, Wendy Fletcher
The why and how of provision of online extension programs forhighly able / gifted students in rural schools in Tasmania

Marietta Sansom-Gower
The benefits of online programs for gifted students from rural schools – a support teacher’s perspective

Anne Hampshire
Rural and Regional Australia: Change, Challenge and Capacity

Dennis Mulcahy
Current Issues in Rural Education in Newfoundland and Labrador


Pam Bartholomaeus
Linking place and effective literacy teaching

Dianne Boxall
An Application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour in Predicting and Understanding Relocation Intentions of Regional Tertiary Students

John Halsey
Towards a Spatial Self- Help Map for Teaching and Livingin a Rural Context

Lyn Hughes and Beverly Moriarty
Evaluation of a pre-university program for senior secondary students making career choices: Implications for program designand university promotional activities

Quynh Le and Rosa McManamey
Multilevel Analysis and its implications for Rural Education Research

Ted R. Munsch and Colin R. Boylan
Beyond the Line and Closer to the Edge

Joy Penman, Bronwyn Ellis, Frances White and Gary Misan
An early glimpse of university and health careers for regional Year 10 students

Joy Penman, Valerie Gorton, Katy Darby and Karl Jones
Whyalla-Worcester connection: The value of short-term rural clinical placements

Linda Thies
What role for social capital? – Establishing a Warrnambool community education program for disengaged students

Andrew R. Wallace and Colin R Boylan
Place, schools and communities: new beginnings in rural NSW


Charles Bradley
Will privatisation or deregulation have most impact on the provision of distance education for rural high schools?

Don Boyd
Education and Training: ‘The Fijian Way’

Don Boyd And Emmy Terry
Inter-Sectoral Partnership and Collaboration in the Pilbara: A Reality

Colin Boylan and Dennis Mulcahy
Creating multi-age classes: Exploring the challenges, benefits and strategies

Julie Godwin and Ingrid Wijeyewardene
Connecting Students, Community and University

Sheila King and Alison Mander
Yes you can afford it! – Supporting Pre-service Teachers in theirdesire to complete a teaching experience in rural or remote Queensland

Rosemarie Koppe, Maxine Zealey, Leo Dunne
Indigenous Parent Workshops

Ted R. Munsch
One State, Five Distinct Native Cultures: Place-based Educational Efforts in Alaska

Phil Roberts
The place of social justice in rural education discourse

Russell Yates
Local Teachers: Using local people as teachers in small communities