SPERA Conference Proceedings 2008

The Face of Learning –¬†Generation M: The Mobile Generation


Mal Booth
Creative use of new and emerging technologies at the Australian War Memorial

Mark McCrindle
Changing generations, Emerging Trends: Understanding today’s learners

Andrew Douch
Paving the ICT Desire Paths: Redefining ‘Classroom’

Stephen Crump and Colin Boylan
Interactive Distance e-Learning for Isolated Communities: Finishing the Jigsaw

Lorraine Towers and Amy Hutchinson
The Sound and the Vision: developments in interactive distance education facilitated by satellite broadcast in NSW and the NT.

Stephen Crump, Kylie Twyford and Margaret Littler
Interactive Distance e-Learning for Isolated Communities: The Policy Footprint

Brian Devlin, Peter Feraud and Alan Anderson
Interactive distance learning technology and connectedness


Don Boyd, Tania Broadley and Emmy Terry
Connecting with Hot Topics: Streaming Professional Development to Regional and Remote Western Australia

Colin Boylan and Andrew Wallace
Learnscapes: A space for place-based education

Tania Broadley and Sue Trinidad
Web Collaboration and Cybercells: Using an Innovative Approach to Connect Rural Communities

Stephen Crump and Colin Boylan
Interactive distance e-Iearning for isolated communities: Finishing the jigsaw

Brian Devlin, Peter Feraud and Alan Anderson
IDL technology and connectedness

Barry Fields
A Comparison of Behaviour Support Provisions Provided by Small Rural Schools and Large Urban Schools

Sonja Kuzich and Rosa Napolitano-Lincoln
I’m going to be a ‘real’ Teacher! Philip Roberts: Developing a place-based social justice approach to the development of rural staffing policy

Melanie Smith and Sue Trinidad
The Western Australian experience: Blogging in the bush

Len Sparrow, Sandra Frid and Melanie Smith
Interactive Whiteboards at a Remote School as a Catalyst for Teacher Professional Learning

Calvin Taylor
Rural Locality and Mobile Technology Usage: Observations from an Ethnographic Study


Mark McCrindle, Mal Booth, Sally Drummond and Nick Cross facilitated by Don Boyd
Woo Wonka and the Google Factory


Charles Bradley
Political process involved in achieving world-class open and distance learning schooling for the mobile generation in the bush

Phil Brown and Lesley McGregor
Victorian Rural Educators’ Network Vince Connor: Action Research: Stage 6 Mathematics and Science Lesson Study

Sally Drummond
Turning point: Engaging youth in mobile learning

Kate Haddow
Technologies Changing the Face of Distance Education – Interactive Distance Learning and Online Environments

Graeme Lock, Bill Green, Jo-Anne Reid, Maxine Cooper, Simone White and Wendy Hastings
Designing a National Research Project in Rural/Regional (Teacher) Education

Theodore Munsch
Distance Education: Is It Art or Is It Science?

Philip Roberts
Re-thinking teacher stress and satisfaction as an issue of place

Fay Rola-Rubzen, Rosa Napolitano-Lincoln and Wendy Newman
Rural women in Leadership (WiRL)

Mark Weir
Place-based Education Connections

Phillip Wells
Diving into Learning