AIJRE Special Issue Proposals Invited

We are calling for a Special Issue topic and special editor.  If you are interested please, identify the theme of the proposal and highlight the significance for the advancement of rural education research Include the following:

  • Name of Special Issue Editor/Editors
    An outline of the proposal highlighting the theme and discussion why it is important for the advancement of rural education research.
    A list of authors et topics and abstracts. OR   A list of proposed authors and possible topics.
    Proposed date of Submission: August 2019; March 2020; August 2020; March 2021; August 2021; March 2022 or August 2022.
  • Role of Special Issue Editors:
    Responsible for identifying, coordinating and supporting authors in preparation of manuscripts in a timely manner.
    Responsible for working with AIJRE administration to manage submissions, blind review and copyediting.
    Responsible for submitting an editorial for the special edition
  • Submission Criteria:
    Suitability to AIJRE Journal remit.
    Importance and significance of theme.
    Capability and Diversity of Authors

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