Education in Rural Australia Vol 2, No 1 (1992)

Volume 7 1997sized

Table of Contents

VOLUME 2 No.1 1992

Feature Articles

  • Redefining Remoteness in the Post Industrial Society – Peter d’Plesse
  • Education and change in Rural Areas in the 1990’s – Chicken Little Was Not Wrong – Robb Mason, Shirley Randell
  • Rural Decline and community Services Education in Victoria: The Bendigo Experience – Peter Condliffe
  • Educational Extension Literature for Farmers – Just How Good Is It? – Ross Hartley
  • The Professional Standing of the Replacement Teacher in the Education Community: A Country Region’s Perspective – Barry Gill, Brian Hand
  • A Literacy Enrichment Program for Small Rural Schools – Vaughan Prain, Gaelene Rowe, Kevin Smith, Julie Walters

Brief Reports

  • The Broad Banded Equity Program of the Department of Employment, Education and Training – Colin Boylan
  • Retired City Teachers Help Isolated Children – Jennifer Sheaffe
  • The Mitta Valley Community Newspaper – Carmel LaFontaine
  • Technology and Distance Education – Robert Walker, Colin Boylan

Book Review

  • Learning on the Farm – The Educational Background and Needs of New Zealand Farmers – Ken Moore