Education in Rural Australia Vol 6, No 1 (1996)

Volume 7 1997sized

Table of Contents

Feature Articles

  • Expanding the Universe of Education – Elizabeth Parsons
  • Increasing Interactive Activity – Using Technology to Enhance Interaction Between Teachers, Students and Learning Material – Ruary Bucknall
  • Renewing The Rural Environment: A Real Life Story of Rural Change – Merri Gill
  • Australian Rural Education Award 1995 – A Challenge for the Future – Julie Ewers

Brief Reports

  • Opening the Door on Best Practice: Contrasting Teaching Styles in the Multigrade Classroom – S King, P Young
  • Practice Teaching in a Distance Education Centre: Expanding Opportunities for Teacher Education Students – Colin Boylan
  • The Role of the Principal in Fostering Parental Involvement in Elementary School – Wyanne Downer
  • Effects of School Size – Dr David McSwan
  • 1995 Nominations for Australian Rural Education Awards