Geraldton Universities Centre

Geraldton Universities Centre (GUC) is the original regional university centre (RUC). Commencing operations in 2002, GUC restructured in 2010 to a community-based model of governance committed to meeting the needs of the community. Providing opportunity for all and recruiting students to courses that would address local workforce need, GUC pioneered an innovative model of supplying face-to-face, course specific academic support to these cohorts of local students enrolled in partner university‚Äôs online courses. GUC’s sourced tutors local industry – current professionals to foster the growth and development of future professionals for the Geraldton community to thrive.

This support for students in Nursing, Education, Psychology, Social Work, Accounting, Business, Engineering and Environmental Science has seen GUC produce 470 graduates since inception to supply a professional workforce for Geraldton’s schools, hospitals, community agencies and businesses. With a strategic focus on Aboriginal student support, 6% of graduates have been Aboriginal, providing inspiration and role models for future Indigenous students to follow. Further, in the past 10 years, 278 local students have been supported in bridging programs to achieve university entrance, a life changing opportunity for individuals and the community. GUC provides an exemplar, and actively assists, more than 25 RUCs now funded throughout Australia.

Category Winner 2022: Community Centric Award