March 2012 Newsletter

Welcome all to SPERA’s first newsletter for 2012. Already the year has been busy for SPERA with the Executive continuing or taking on new portfolios.

In particular I would like to highlight the role taken on by Dr Karen Noble (University of Southern Queensland) for hosting the 2012 28th SPERA National Conference at the University’s Toowoomba Campus from 26-28 September this year.

Highlights include:

  • REFA;
  • RRRTEC FInal Rreport;
  • TERRR Network and Rural Education WA;
  • AITSL Professional Learning Convention;
  • ISFIRE 2013 (note change of dates to 13-15 February 2013).

Once again thank you to the editorial team lead by Michael Preece including Tania Broadley; Brian O’Neill and Vince Connor.

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