Relational Leadership and Learning for Hope-full Sustainable Futures

An International Dialogue Santa Fe New Mexico 3-5 October 2013

Event details

The Inaugural International Dialogue on Relational Leadership and Learning for Hope-full and Sustainable Futures will be held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, 3-5 October 2013.


The purpose of the event is to ‘re-claim’ the primacy of relationships in learning and leadership formation. This will be done through sharing stories, practices, research, beliefs and values about becoming and being people who deeply care about hope-full and sustainable futures for all.

The International Dialogue will culminate with the launching of the International Centre for Relationships in Education (ICRE). Fundamentally, the ICRE will commence with the outcomes of the International Dialogue and contributions individuals make, and want to make into the future.


It is open to people committed to progressing a greater role, significance and place for relational leadership and learning in vocations of all kinds, in communities, in personal and professional contexts, with nature and the built environment.