Renewing Rural and Regional Teacher Education Curriculum

This resource has been developed to support teacher educators to prepare future graduates for the challenges and opportunities of teaching in rural/regional communities.

The materials can be readily embedded into lectures, tutorials, workshops and professional learning experiences to provide teaching and learning environments that comprehensively consider the needs of rural and regional students, their families, schools and communities.

The website can be navigated in various ways to suit individual teacher educators’ needs. Underpinning the curriculum module design is a conceptual framework and links to key readings in rural teacher education and other related fields. To find out more about using this website, click on the tab ‘How to use this site‘.

Our aim is to inspire all teacher educators to produce quality teachers for regional and rural Australia.

RRRTEC has established a Rural (Teacher) Education Facebook community – find us at

It’s a growing community aimed at building national and international research and scholarly work and connections. It also links continually to the RRRTEC website to keep the resources fresh and updated for people to access and use. New PD materials have also been created in the website for teacher educators to use at their home campuses.