Social Enterprise Schools

Australian Centre for Rural Entrepreneurship (ACRE) is a not-for-profit social enterprise that exists to build a thriving rural Australia that is agile, resilient and enterprising. ACRE’s flagship youth entrepreneurship program, Social Enterprise Schools is a practical, student-led experience that develops citizenship and enterprise capabilities while building resilience in young people across regional, rural and remote Australia.

Through the process of setting up their own social enterprise, it effectively re-engages young people with learning, bringing students, teachers, local entrepreneurs and community together to develop skills, build confidence and make a positive social impact. Students harness their talents and interests while developing a sense of belonging through affecting positive change in the world through the lens of social enterprise that is authentic and meaningful.

By creating an enabling environment where the focus is on active citizenship, positive mindsets, and practicing enterprising behaviours, this initiative effectively engages young people with learning to develop the skills, mindsets and behaviours they will need as they move beyond the school gates

Key principles include:

  • Prioritises student voice and agency
  • Gives young people opportunity to aspire to make positive change in the lives of others
  • Makes explicit and meaningful connections to community and business

Winner 2022 Category: Innovative Project Award