Education in Rural Australia Vol 2, No 2 (1991)

Volume 7 1997sized

Table of Contents

Feature Articles

  • Adequacy and Equity: Prerequisites to Excellence in Rural Education – Frank Darnell
  • Perceptions of Teaching in Two Types of Isolated Australian Secondary Schools: An Analysis of Four Dimensions of Rural Education – Ken Stevens
  • Lessons for the Future: A Remote Rural Practice – Brian Hemmings, Colin Boylan
  • Remote Schooling and Information Technology: Comments on a Recent Survey – Joan Robson, Peter Routcliffe, Robert Fitzgerals

Brief Reports

  • First Year Student Essays in Humanities and Social Sciences. The Need for a New Paradigm – Howard Lukeman
  • Small Rural Primary Schools in the UK – David Keast

SPERA Responses to Recent National Enquiries

  • Consultation on the Development of a Broadbanded National Equity Program for Schools – Colin Boylan, Ron Sinclair, Don Squires
  • Response to Mayer Committee Consultation Document on Employment Related Key competencies -Sheila King
  • Report on the Rural Affairs Workshop for Key Non-­Government Organisations and Inter-Governmental Rural Affairs Offices held on 17th June 1992 in Canberra – Sheila King
  • The Australian Vocational Certificate Training System – A Rural Education and Training Perspective from SPERA – Sheila King