Education in Rural Australia Vol 8, No 2 (1998)

Volume 7 1997sized

Table of Contents

Feature Articles

  • What Rural Schools Can Teach Urban Systems – Kathleen Cushman
  • Building Bridges Between Aboriginal and Western Mathematics: Creating an Effective Mathematics Learning Environment – J.A. Robinson & R.M. Nichol
  • Brightening the Lives of Shy Bush Children: The Vision of Ballarat Teachers’ College Principal William Henry Ellwood 1926 ­ 1931 – Keith Moore

Brief Reports

  • The Postal Sunday School Movement Inc Robert Price Teaching Experience in a School of the Air Heath Anderson Isolated Schools’ Project – Sheila King
  • Australian Rural Education Award 1998

Book Review

  • Sustainable Small Schools ­ A Handbook for rural Communities Craig B Howley and John M Eckman – Reviewed by Ken Stevens