Education in Rural Australia Vol 5, No 2 (1995)

Volume 7 1997sized

Table of Contents

Feature Articles

  • Addressing the Needs of the Gifted in Rural Areas. The Armidale Catholic Schools Office Project – Stan Bailey, Bruce Allen Knight, Dan Riley
  • Adult Education an Local Economic Development in Australia – Robb Mason, Shirley Randell
  • Corporate Managerialism, Itensification and the Rural Primary Principal – Elisabeth Hatton
  • Small Rural Schools and their Communities and the Impact of Rapid Change – Bernadette Bowie
  • Teaching in a Small Rural School During the 1930’s: An Oral History – Brian Hemmings
  • Interactive Television and Problem Based Learning: Viable Delivery ‘technologies’ for Rural Teacher Education – Ian W Gibson, Kay L Gibson
  • Australian Rural Education Research Association

Book Review

  • New South Wales Education Week Address – Noel Hicks, MP, Member for Riverina