Education in Rural Australia Vol 1, No 2 (1991)

Volume 7 1997sized

Table of Contents

Feature Articles

  • A Report on Satellite Education in the North­West of Victoria R. J. Cruise Rurality: “From the Inside Looking Out” – Karen Redman
  • Beginning Teachers in Small, Isolated Schools: Time to Question some Myths? – Frank Crowther, Peter Cronk, Sheila King, Ian Gibson
  • Supporting Students with Disabilities in Rural Queensland Ian Crease Curriculum and Quality in Rural Schools – Don Squires, Ron Sinclair
  • Extended School Hours at Edmund Rice College – David Lear
  • Evaluation of Remote Site Teaching: A Comparative Study – Graeme J. Byrne, Graeme Dunn, Ron Howland International News John Davis

International News – John Davis

SPERA Reports

  • The Purple People and Parents – Maggie Ramsey, Jan Temple
  • Preparation for Rural School Teaching an Living – Keith Moore
  • Management Emphasis at Burdekin Agricultural College – D. K. Beneke
  • Women into Science and Technology – A Rural Access Program – Lesley R. Warner
  • PCAP Enrichment Camp 1991 – Sheila King