Education in Rural Australia Vol 8, No 1 (1998)

Volume 7 1997sized

EducTable of Contents

Feature Articles

  • Celebrating Connectedness – Robin Maslen
  • What is Ag­Ed? – Lee Mylne and Judy Linley

Brief Reports

  • Rural Students Studying in Tertiary Settings – Brian Hemmings, Russell Kay, and Doug Hill
  • Rural and Remote Professional Practice Placements for Children’s Studies Students – Stephanie Jackiewicz, Rosa Lincoln and Kristen Brockman
  • Teacher/Intern Partnerships in Isolated Areas: A Project Overview – Allan Yarrow, Roy Ballantyne, Brian Hansford, Paul Herschell and Jan Millwater
  • Australian Rural Education Award 1997

Book Review

  • Schools and Litigation: Developing Legal Policies  B.C. Nolan & J.D. Spencer – Reviewed by Ray King