Learning to Learn – enabling regional students to succeed in higher education

Learn2Learn is an evidence based, innovative online program with modules released weekly, over 6 weeks. It can be run as a pre-orientation program (perfect for students in regional areas who are unsure if study is for them), embedded into core curriculum or run between terms for struggling students.

Research to date indicates improved confidence, learner mindset, knowledge retention, proactive learner behaviours, mental well-being and higher grades.

The program was designed to empower online tertiary education students to discover their own learning needs and design a learning experience that suits them as an individual.

Learn2Learn uses brain based deep learning strategies combined with self regulated learning theories and addresses core (non academic) reasons students drop-out of studies, or fail to progress:

  • Teaching students about their brains and help them discover how they learn as an individual
  • Overtly teaching learning techniques that they can personalise to match their own needs
  • Develop clarity and motivation
  • Build self awareness and reflective practice in a safe way
  • Develop a whole-of-self/life approach to study and other priorities
  • Develop the confidence and self-belief as a learner
  • Develop team work and project skills to support groupwork and build employability skills

Highly Commended 2022 Category: Innovative Project Award